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Bacaro Tour

Bacaro Tour

Enjoy the experience to live for one evening as a Venetian, heading to your favourite local wine bar, called a bacaro where they serve un’ombra (a small glass of wine) alongside a variety of delicious ciccheti, the Venetian version of a Spanish tapas. It is a long-established Venetian tradition to take a break at intervals during the day (particularly towards noon and before the evening meal around 6.00pm). A guided tour of these local haunts, where you sample local wine or “spritz” accompanied by an endless choice of mouth-watering crostini (small bite-size slices of toasted bread served with various toppings). To name just a few, don’t miss the Venetian style baccalà (salt cod pâté), spicy meatballs, fried vegetables and marinated seafood. The bacari ritual is an important part of the rhythm of life in Venice, and a Venetian way of catching up with friends, and when the cicchetti action wraps up, the orchestras on the main square play until late.

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